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Duffy's Motel of Newberry, Michigan is located in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and just 18 miles south of the Tahquamenon Falls.  Duffy's Motel is spacious, clean and each of our units sleeps up to 8.

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Newberry Snowmobile Trail Report

Duffy's Motel
Newberry Snowmobile Trail Report

Welcome to Duffy's Motel and our Newberry Snowmobile Trail Report for 4 Mile Corner and north of our motel.  Our motel has purchased property and we are in the process of putting a snowmobile trail in.  This new 4 Mile Corner snowmobile trail will come right to the front door of Duffy's Motel!  We look forward to welcoming snowmobilers to the best location in the UP for snowmobiling!

This new trail will also accommodate 4 wheelers during the spring summer and fall seasons.

Upper Michigan Snowmobiling - Newberry Snowmobile Trail Report for 4 Mile Corner and North

Looks like the snow is here to stay.  We have received over 2 foot of snow this season, although we had a bit of rain last week, we are currently getting a fresh 5 inches on the ground.  Snowmobile trails open up on December 15th, 2013.  We are currently working on our new 4 Mile Corner trail that will bring guests directly to the motel.


Trails are open and the groomers are out! We received an additional 6" overnight and it is snowing right now. Snowmobilers are in town and are riding! Looks like a great season ahead of us.


It snowed last night and very windy, the snow drifts in some areas were to my knees! We went riding the past few days and the trails were AWESOME!!!! T.A.S.A. is doing a great job. The seven day forecast is calling for snow every day.


Trails are still very good and getting groomed every day. It has been great riding.


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